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App Reviews and App Locators

When the AppStore first started, there were barely any applications “apps” to be found.  Now, with over a billion applications circulating across mobile phones and the internet, app reviews now play an important role in software selection.  When choosing an app, users are immediately faced with a tough decision.  Should I spend my limited amount of space by loading this app?  Is this app worth it  or is it something I am just going to delete in the next day or so?  App reviews have changed that in that they educate the app consumer about the weakness or strengths of the app and let them know which to select.  App sites like give readers more information about the best in free apps in both the Google Play store as well as the iTunes AppStore.

Music and gaming appsApp Development, especially app game development is also becoming a new area of expertise for programmers.  Not only is the industry more open, but the opportunities for making money from apps has also increased.  A number of educational websites have opened up that address the numerous aspects that programmers will face when choosing their career path in app dev.