Game Apps on the Appstore

Some of the popular apps currently on the appstore are trending much more towards casino apps like poker machines, slots and others of the same genre.  There’s some speculation that this could be because of the changing tides for gambling law around the world.  Others would argue that these types of games have been popular for centuries and that those app developers that are working to bring them to the appstore are simply filling the demand for those games.

In countries where these games are already popular and already legal, there’s not been as much of those in the online video games market to do a complete flip in the gaming community towards these apps.  According to data collected by Apple and 3rd party reporting companies, these gaming apps have seen steady performance over the past six years in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Britain.  The online community and online gaming community in those countries, have always had a strong interest and easy access to the games, so the only real fluctuating statistics are which game is most popular that month.

With the release of more of these games, the variety causes a spike a very noticeable spike in activity for the Appstore in terms of commentary as well as in actual downloads.